Vlacherena Monastery

The most typical sight of Corfu. It used to house a women’s monastery until the 1980s.
Is a registered trademark of the island and their photographs have traveled all around the world.
The church of Our Lady of Vlaherena or Vlahernon is Byzantine and dates from the 17th century.
Basically it is a small island, which is the land about 300 meters and joins the beach rules, by a narrow strip of elevated terrain.
It is a small building with white color and high roof and steeple. It has an impressive carved iconostasis and icons and frescoes.
You can go there on foot from Kanoni . (You can go from Corfu to Kanoni by a blue bus line.)


  • Orthodox
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Vlacherena Monastery
Corfu Town, 49100, Corfu

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