Municipal Art Gallery of Corfu

The Corfu Municipal Art Gallery was founded in 1991 under the mayor Ioannis Kourkoulos. It was originally the Dalietos residence, but from 1995 onward they occupied the east wing of the Palace of Archangel Michael and Saint George in the historic center of Corfu town.
One part of the collection has been on display in the historic building of the Ionian State since November 2008.
In the splendid gallery space you will have the opportunity to admire two major exhibitions which take you back to the development painting and printmaking on Corfu from the 16th to the 20th century. The Gallery collections include sculpture and fine art photography as well as assemblages by modern artists, which are exhibited at temporary exhibitions as they are no longer in the permanent exhibition.

Municipal Art Gallery of Corfu
Corfu Town, 49100, Corfu

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